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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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scenes of the hit show blue blood, i'm on location to give you an up close look at how the crime drama comes together. first. >> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> a wife frantic screams brad pitt deadly police shooting that took the life of her husband. >> i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington, keith scott was killed in a parking lot in charlotte north carolina tuesday by an african-american officer who was there to arrest someone else. >> his wife rakeyia scott was recording the whole time. nicole brewer is in the cbs stat center with a closer look and why the family decided to release it. nicole. >> reporter: that has the not been able to independently authenticate, does not show whether or not keith scott had a gun. police say he was armed. witnesses claimed he was holding a book. the scott family says it released the video in the name of truth and transparency. >> don't shoot him.
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don't shoot him. he has no weapon. >> in the final moments of keith lamont's life, his wife keeps the camera rolling, assuring police he pose knows threat as officers order him to drop a weapon >> drop the gun >> he doesn't have a gun. >> he has a tbi, >> rakeyia tells authority he just took medication. >> keith, don't do it. >> officers can be heard telling scott to drop a gun 11 times before things escalate. >> keith, keith, keith, don't you do it. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> as scott lay on the ground, officers tell rakeyia to keep her distance. the two and a half minute video end with rakeyia asking authorities if they called an ambulance. the decision by the scott family to release the video friday followed three days of protests in charlotte where demonstrators
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demanded make their dash and body cam video public. charlotte's police chief explained why he would not release the footage. >> if i were to put it out and it doesn't give you good context, it can inflame the situation. and make it even worse. it will exacerbate the backlash. >> justin bamberg an attorney degrees. >> at the end of the day, the evidence shows that there was a gun recovered from the scene and that gun was on his person. we have to deal with that. but the key point here is the process. it's the transparency. >> back here live, marks the fourth night of protests in charlotte, north carolina where demonstrations are still underway. several dozen people gathered at a park earlier and continued to make their way through the city's business district holding signs and participating in
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chants. live in the cbs3 stat center, nicole brewer "eyewitness news." the tulsa police officer charged in the shooting death of terrance crutcher is out on bail after turns herself in early this morning. shelby's attorney says she drew her gun instead of a stun gun. police say crutcher did not have a gun. she's charged with first down manslaughter a suspect is behind bars in tennessee. 18-year-old tyhan brown of damned was arrested at a relative. home in clarksville tennis. he will be brought back to new jersey. his arrest comes almost exactly one month after gabrielle carter was shot in the head during what police believe was a shoot-out between gangs. those who new the little girl are pleased. >> i'm happy and filled up as a mother, parent, family friend as a neighbor. thank you, jesus. for real. >> brown's mother and girlfriend
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were arrested this past week for allegedly hindering the investigation by providing false alibis. police expect to make more arrests in that case. the victim of a hit-and-run in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood has died. he was sit at 2nd and allegheny. rushed to temple in critical condition. the driver who hit mendez was under the influence. the stadium show down continues for temple university. ♪ >> today community faith leaders and the group's stadium to stompers protested the university's proposal to build an on campus stadium. they say it will lens the quality of life. university say they're taking the concerns into account. >> they said the stadium is going to be built. that is their position, we are adamant in our position.
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>> i want to support them. if that means taking the subway to south philly to support them or walking a few blocks i'll support them wherever >> money needed for the 35,000 seat stadium will come from fund-raising and other sources. right now, temple place $3 million a year to use lincoln financial field. back by popular demand. >> there will be a big difference in center city this weekend. some of the streets will be free of traffic. >> natasha brown is live on south street to show you where you can walking run or bike without worrying about cars. natasha? >> you can do it all. just not at this moment. as you can imagine on a busy friday night, there's no way you'd be able to walk or bike down the middle of the street here along south street. tomorrow morning, that's a different story because you will be allowed to in a very freeing few hours. the sights and sounds of a bustling south street on friday night. street musicians are used to
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being drowned out by the him of cars. in a matter of hours, that won't be factor. starting at 7:00 a.m. saturday, philly free streets will free south street and other areas throughout the city of vehicular traffic >> it will be nice. a lot of people will be here and we'll have a chance to make sure that the people see us. >> i believe it's awesome. definitely open thing up for people. kind of like you stand in the middle. some walking on one side of the street. you don't see what's on the other side. >> reporter: the idea is to open up parts of the city like south street mlk drive and lansdowne drive to pedestrians who can walk freely. a similar scene played out during the pope of visit last year after massive road closures in center city >> we'll have open streets. i experienced it in new york last summer. 5th avenue was closed down, people were able to walk out, rollerblade, bike, bring
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strollers meet each other >> it's a great idea to actually see a city. allow the visitors to come and see what philadelphia has to offer. the streets are kind of small. like open them up allowing people just walk through them without the traffic. perfect. >> reporter: parking will be prohibited along the philly free street's route >> it will be a pain for me. i'm going to be driving tomorrow. it's bad timing. >> reporter: most seem to be welcoming the idea of encouraging a more active lifestyle. taking in the city with fewer distractions. >> it's great. helps local businesses. i think should be fun. beginning at 2nd and south street is when the ribbon cutting ceremony will start and then mayor kinney will start a mile-long power walk from this spot kicking things off. very important to note as the night progresses by 3:00 in the morning, if your car is parked along one of the streets affected, it will be towed. live along south street natasha
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brown. >> important information there. again, the philly free streets area includes south street which will be closed between front and schuylkill river trail, mlk drive and all roads in fairmount park near the please touch museum will be closed the national museum of african-american culture will be open tomorrow. three,000 artifacts will be on display. some are large they had to build a museum around them, like a segregation area rail car an rail car. and harriet tubman's shawl. president obama will be-hand for opening a political bombshell in campaign 16. ted cruz will vote for donald trump after all. the texas senator was booed off the stage after snubbing trump
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and telling the crowd to vote conscious. the republican presidential nominee says he's honored to have cruz's support. hillary clinton plans to visit charlotte on sunday. they did not announce who she'll be meeting with. the unrest in charlotte sparked a >> hoffstra university starts on monday starting at 5:00. two local cheerleaders have been through a lot. rachel and kylie are both kansas survivors and cheerleaders for upper perkiomen. tonight ttheir team mates wore different color rib bins to raise awareness. this is our friday football frenzy game of the week.
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we'll have highlights from phoenixville coming up in sports. bruce springsteen is celebrating his 67th birthday. >> he's doing it on an appearance with steven colbert >> that's a tough one. >> five out of about 300 >> he got the ten ready. you'll hear bruce's top five own song and hear about his auto biography born to run, you can hear it right here on cbs3 following "eyewitness news" at 11:00. still to come on "eyewitness news." behind the scenes of the hit cop drama blue blood. >> i went on location in new york to giver you an inside look at how and episode of blue blood takes shape and talked with the stars of the show about the success of this series. spreading his wings, the reason this eagles flight is so special after a remarkable
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. an injured bald eagle in new jersey is back in the wild where he belongs. we told you about lily last december when he was captured in a hunter ton county yard. he was suffering from nerve damage and led poising. a group nursed him back to health and released him. season 7 of the hit tv drama
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blue blood premiered. for years they've welcomed the family into their home. i went to the brooklyn studio to get a closer look at the very successful series. ♪ >> the reagan family is back. >> as soon as knows characters are allowed to grow and change. you kind of never run out of ideas. >> what about ideas that stem from real headlines, especially in today's world. >> how did it go with the ag? how do you think it went. >> it's a good question especially this season. it's one we talked about before we got started. not wanting to giver ourselves a soap box. any time you start to really specifically talk about that, you're going to be seen as having an opinion. we don't want to have an opinion. we want present it >> they feel they can help the process through the point of view
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>> this isn't some innocent motorist shot by a cop. >> the directors, writers, crews, props, business cards. >> everything we need to make blue blood is on this truck. there's people who are professionals who look at things and realize that it's wrong. we try to make it as correct as we possibly can >> that includes uniform and protocol. >> we have advisor 24 years on the pd >> different season, dust dynamic. >> but all the hard work. >> if i had to do it all over you better believe i would >> you get to see them as a father, a brother, a son, somebody maybe struggling to pay the bills, somebody that, you know, may have -- you know, how it affects the family when someone is wounded. >> discussing it together is one of the most anticipated parts of
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the show >> this show lets us explore. sometimes it could be in a simple argument over dinner. >> it's a reaffirmation about family. we're not on a mission in that area. our mission is standard tank. if we say things and the important of family in our culture today i think that's positive. >> i ended up talking about with just about all cast members. one of the their favorites, the family dinner. that scene can take up to six hours to shoot. keep it higher for more background on blue blood and the coming days. they were very, very >> a great inside look. >> we'll have more coming up. >> it's great to see how they make the doughnuts. >> you need to see the background. >> with thank them, much more to come. you know, the weather is going to be beautiful. we got lots of sunshine,
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temperatures are dropping. they're dropping actually tonight and you're going to reply the benefits. temps headed down to 70's. overnight temperature in thes 40's and 50's. it is going to feel chilly on sunday and monday mornings, especially time to break out those jackets that you haven't got much use out of. very hot. time for a break. you can see it's foggy at the shore. the ocean city camera at 11:00. it's empty. a month ago that boardwalk would be packed. a liquid foggy out there but relative mild. here's a look at the skyline from across the river at the palmyra cove nature park. a few clouds moving in. you can see we do have showers pushing into the northern part of our you have aing area. the poconos up towards the lehigh valley, especially north jersey. he while we could pick up a
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stray sprinkle. you see a few dots of green, if you're in the poconos or the lehigh valley right along the northeast extension of picking you have a stray shower as the front pushes up. we're going to feel cooling. 65 mount pocono. 75 in philadelphia. mount pocono daytime highs will be. it's air directly from the north and eastern canada. from quebec, pulling it down, temps in the 70's, humidity dropping through the day. that cool high really gain as foot hold here by sunday. that's when the high will be around 70 with a very cool start to the morning. monday looks like a nice day. this front will be approaching. i think that front will come through tuesday bringing showers and storms but crowds may increase as early as monday. today, due points were kind of in the steamy to not bad range. due points in the 60's where they are now, we await the cold front passage. we cut that down tomorrow, due
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points dropping into the 40's. due point sunday will be in the 30's and monday feeling awesome as well way very low humidity. fast forwarding to sunday. this is going to feel chilly. when you wake up sunday if you have anyplace to be early, you'll need a jacket. 46 in allentown, 51 in philadelphia. 52 in millville. cool 44 in reading. eagles forecast for sunday, big game and great football weather. if you're tail gaiting around noon, 65 degrees with sunshine kickoff temperature a beautiful sunny 70 degrees. at the end of the game, sun will be just starting to set or maybe will have set maybe i should put a moon in there. temps will fall off quickly. it will be cool. overnight partly cloudy with a stray sprinkle 65. morning clouds, clear them out. it's breezy and cooler at 74. sunday looks beautiful cool and crisp, monday clouds increase. we could get rain tuesday. it's beautiful again through the
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second half of next week. ukee and jessica sends it back to you. >> what's up next in sports >> phillies stay playing trying to rebound. it's time for the friday football frenzy,
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. eagles continue to prepare against the steelers. both teams coming into sunday's game 2 and 0, carson wentz will be facing challenges he did not see in weeks one and two. they're the fifth worse in the league, doug pederson said that will be the key to win. >> we got to do a better job in the third down area. we're eight for 30. something like that, 26%. we got to be a little bit on third downs. we have to focus on our job. we understand the power and the
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weapons they have on offense. but we can't focus on that. again, we just, focus on what we do. you know, get our guys ready to play. >> the phillies and mets city field game two for four game series, fifth phillies down 4-3. he won this match up smacking a three-run homer. phillies lose 10-5. ♪ . it's time for friday football frenzy. take it away. lesley. >> thank you, ladies. another week of friday night football on the frenzy. it's the first week of the frenzy in the fall. even though still felt like summer. let's start out with the afternoon games. we're going to start off in the public league. kesham gram, scored 28-0.
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♪ . >> edison with a big down offense, the quarterback decides he can do it himself. he goes on into the score. but edison's quarterback, not to be out done. he pulls down, dashes around. goes on into the score. mansion a winner. 41-6. it's southern davis. going deep. miles jimmy, unbelievable. 55-year-old touchdown, mlk 22-16. michael shinsky, they will win 17-14. sean brooks. boston through line, it is a big kid. he goes on into the fourth, pennsville wins big time 52-19.
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willingboro at delran, amir murray. willingboro wins. tashan, evans will take it into the score. 40-14. william penn charter at interborrow. michael ataski. opens for the score, william penn 27-nothing. looking deep, o' hare the winner 28-0. stay right there. we'll have much more ahead. we're going to head out to pensberg and upper perkiomen highlights when "eyewitness news" continues.
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game of the week, chosen by you the fans of the friday football frenzy for phoenixville and upper perkiomen. let's here from tom hawks --? it's got to be physical, relentless, nonstop. what's it got to be?
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what's it got to be? >> and phoenixville taking the field for the sixth time regional match-up. perkiomen getting on the board first. touchdown. back comes phoenixville. matt garcia with a huge game. the senior running back breaking the big run. goes on in for the touchdown. lots of offense in this game. tyler wary busting a bring run of his own. an upper perkiomen touchdown. just wait. back comes phoenixville. this time matt garcia. he's going to take it right in. a monster game. he had 238 yards and three touchdowns. check this out, tyreese reid.
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upper perk man comes on top 47-35. a big weekend for football. weather important. let's check in with kate >> thank you. here's our weekend watch. everyone played great what a beautiful weekend. 60s in the poconos. 70s in the city and 72 at the
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes bruce springsteen featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! hey, everybody! whooo! thank you, joseph. >> jon: hey! i know. >> stephen: hey!


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